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Sonic V.S. Shadow/Preview Sonic V.S. Shadow/Preview

Rated 2 / 5 stars

while i appreciate what you've done

the fact is the portal isn't a place to upload practice, teasers, trailers, or things you didn't feel like finishing (with some notable exceptions). there is a dumping grounds giving everyone the same amount of space to upload things like this without going through the portal. too much junk passes (since everything does nowadays) and it does not belong here. i think you have the start of something pretty solid, but this is not how you go about showing people.

that said, you took some nice new perspectives with sprites that i am not accustomed to seeing. i thought that part was refreshing, having seen countless sprite movies. the music is stale and boring, nothing special with no original audio. though sprites are overused (and poorly used too often) i have nothing against them, but it takes a lot to make them fresh. this wasn't a half bad effort.

use what you accomplished with perspective and build on it. get some voice actors and a script or maybe record your own audio - be unique and stand out in a sea of sprites. there are many great examples you can learn from.

but in the future, be an artist everyone can stand behind by only submitting finished works you think really represent your talent and abilities (because i see a fair amount). use the dumping grounds for things that need work or you are teasing for.

on principle of it not being finished, i can't score it very well, but i do see the makings of something actually worthy of a decent score coming soon. 2/5 and 4/10.

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Road Signs Road Signs

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

well then

i didn't expect to like this as much as i did. what a pleasant surprise! a great idea that you developed quite well and pulled off. i never would have thought of this. giving each its own personality and life was interesting to watch. i especially enjoyed the bicycle :P

great job. surprised and impressed, in a good way.

TLTFT compilation TLTFT compilation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

if you see only one stick movie this year...

this should certainly be under consideration. in fact, it hardly felt like i was watching a stick film. it's nice to finally see someone add a little depth with faces/facial features/voice acting - maybe there will be a shift that direction and away from more classic styles like xiao xiao. the settings were quite good, particularly the one with the bird. almost felt adam philips inspired, a nice change of pace.

i know it's a compilation, but i would have liked to see some of the stories progress further (especially the first scene - expertly done). very well animated and smooth, hope that everyone gets a chance to watch. now if only the sanctity of the portal could be returned, so flashes like this would get their due credit and not lumped in with rainbowdressup and passing, broken flashed.

excellent work.

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The Nature Song The Nature Song

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

rather impressed

it's hard to put my finger on it exactly, but i was pretty pleased with your effort. i think it was a nice way of utilizing things we come into contact with every day in a refreshing and unique manner. the harmonizing wasn't too shabby, either.

well done. i only wish there were more interesting submissions like this on a regular basis. i'll be keeping an eye out for the next one.

Disco Rampage Disco Rampage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

haha excellent!

thoroughly enjoyed this one! the face on the hamster the entire time was really getting to me haha. and of course the guest appearance by the challenger was quite unexpected, i think people will definitely go for that.

also very much enjoyed how you kept the beat/bass with the dance moves. thought it was a nice touch.

what else is there to say? great work and hope you don't stay away so long again!

ChrisDaemon responds:

Will do my best to do something again soon (:

Wilhelm Park Wilhelm Park

Rated 5 / 5 stars


incredibly well done. flows smooth as silk. a classic little tale of about a feeling you can't seem to shake - that takes quite a twist o_O haha

i really liked the shading/lights you used; they really brought it all together in my opinion. very professional look and feel and superb animating. one of the best i have been fortunate enough to see pass through the portal.

can't wait to see more! amazing work.

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redminus responds:

I'm glad you liked the lighting and tones, I thought a lot of it was maybe too subtle but it's good to know that it comes across :D

Gaze of Brilliance Gaze of Brilliance

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

i guess

i'm a little confused. partly by how this passed (no offense) but mostly why you submitted it.

your other work is not half bad, it's actually pretty good. there were elements of smoothness here even though you no doubt did this on a scale of minutes.

i would like to see you actually try your hand at animating (not sprites, you proved you can do that), but something more fleshed out than this.

hard to give you more support for this, but i'll be on the lookout.

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HoboNoah responds:

This was all and all a joke, as for how it passed, I'm really not sure. And I've actually been animating for about four or five years, when it comes to actually animating, my problems are as follows: Inspiration/Initiative, I lack any reason to put much effort into anything. Drawing ability, While I HAVE been animating for years, that mostly consisted of characters as simple as stick figures, it definitely gave me a grip on animation, but proved no benefit in being able to draw. Thirdly, I have absolutely no perception of anatomy, that will likely be my next pursuit, it'd definitely help me in animation. All and all I appreciate the support as well as the feedback, and I'm quite frankly surprised I'd get a serious response on such a rediculous submission.

[adult swim] S3 Ep. 4 [adult swim] S3 Ep. 4

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

run its course

well, i think by now you've made your point. it's understandable that the commercials (ads, lineups, whatever) bother you, and i can agree to a point. they can be a little irksome. still, i believe the idea has run its course - the flashes are beginning to feel like spam as opposed to a parody.

the concept played well at first, if not particularly original. but at this point more is only overkill. maybe a little more in the way of puns/wordplay could have salvaged it, but people can only hear so much outright antagonism and anger.

good effort for the concept, though it does not require much technical skill/insight (not that i know much about working with flash, but this could be done in powerpoint). hopefully it's been cathartic and you can move on to a more dedicated project.

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Reiewer responds:

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. But the submissions I make aren't made out of anger, they are made out of boredom, haha.

Mantropa Mantropa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

best to date

your best so far, in my opinion. loved the transitions and wide range of style/effects. not to mention the sheer length and uniqueness of each segment. really look forward to your next piece, they never disappoint.

Demo Reel 07-09 Demo Reel 07-09

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


yes it's a clip show, but the quality was significantly better than what you usually see from something similar. animation is smooth and i liked the variety of styles and backdrops you employed.

plus, the planet smashers rock. excellent choice.